Transpersonal Counselling looks into how healing can be acquired through our non-waking or subconscious states. New knowledge of our condition and a way forward may be accessed via meditative methods or messages from our subconscious such as dreams.

Accessing our inner wisdom or guidance can be very empowering and spending time getting in touch with our deeper self can have profound benefits. A transpersonal counsellor acts as a facilitator through this process and at all times you have an active role.

Think of it as merely acquiring another set of valuable tools to assist us with our journey to recovery.

Please contact the Centre if you would like to make a booking for Transpersonal Counselling with Mike.


Mike Gallasch is a Wellness Counsellor currently completing his Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Counselling through the IKON Institute that specialises in Holistic Therapies. Mike has experience as a Crisis Support Worker with Lifeline Australia, and has worked as a Life, Career and Business Coach. Mike, through his own experience, has seen major illness as a pathway to immense growth if one is able to feel empowered in their journey.


When: Weekly, Tuesday mornings

Cost: Members $20 ; Non-Members $85