New Acupuncturist – Karen Ades

We would like to welcome Karen to our Cancer Care Centre team, Karen has been practising Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine for 18 years. Karen obtained her degree from the University of Technology, Sydney and then practised and lived in Sydney until her return to Adelaide in 2017. Her clinical experience in the support of people with cancer includes acupuncture treatment for:

  • reducing stress & anxiety
  • promoting relaxation
  • improving sleep quality
  • managing pain, including post-surgical pain and scarring
  • reducing side effects of treatment, such as nausea and poor appetite, fatigue, hot flushes/night sweats, peripheral neuropathy, headaches

Karen uses ultra-fine Japanese needles and very gentle techniques. She also use Low Density (cold) Laser which is non-invasive and painless and is particularly helpful for treating peripheral neuropathy. Needle-less options available. Karen is registered with all health funds and rebates may be available.

Karen is available weekly on Thursday mornings at the Centre from Jan 2020