Congratulations Jane and Jenny!

The Cancer Care Centre would like to say a big massive “Thank you” to Jane and Jenny for their amazing commitment and support in raising $10,000 for the Cancer Care Centre, we have been following their progress through their journey and their ride to Cambodia is now complete!

“Well Jane and I have finished the cycle challenge and what an awesome experience it was! We rode 339km in 6 days in hot and humid weather, rain and mud, dodging trucks/cars/dogs and tuk tuk’s and sustaining an injury or two but it was all worth it to complete our journey. We began 2 years ago for the Cancer Care Centre – we are proud to have raised $10,000 for Cancer Care Centre and to ride in their honour, and would highly recommend others to take on such an adventure and raise money for cancer should the opportunity ever arise. What a rewarding experience!” Jennifer Anne Stanley.