Cancer Care Centre Carers Support Group

Time: First and Third Thursday of the Month. 6:30 – 8:00pm

This group is open to all families, friends and carers who are supporting anyone navigating their cancer journey. It aims to be a confidential and safe place whereby you can be heard and understood by empathetic people, without being judged. Hopefully sharing your experience with others going through a similar journey will result in developing some new friendships that will allow you to cope better with the challenges you face.


Being a carer can often involve a variety of tasks requiring new skills, knowledge and accessing resources. As such the group aims to focus on informing you of:

  • Cancer Management Practices to assist those in need
    • Communication with Health Practitioners and your Care Team
    • Diet and Nutrition
    • Medication
    • Pain management
    • Finances


  • Caring for Yourself concepts
    • Dealing with a myriad feelings such as uncertainty, fear, anxiety, isolation, anger, guilt, grief and depression
    • Self-care and obtaining support from others
    • Time and Stress Management
    • Impact on your Relationships, partner, family and friends
    • How to react when support is not wanted


Group Facilitators / Caretakers:

Mike Gallasch:  A Transpersnal Counselling student and Life Coach. Mike has experience working with Lifeline Australia and helping those dealing with long term unemployment, as well as having lived experience in dealing with chronic health issues, mental health, post surgery recovery and caring for his aged father. Mike is also passionate about energy management, that is so vital in the challenges you face as a carer.


Luke Dinos:  A 4th year Social Work student at Flinders University with a shared interest and compassion in the human journey across one’s life span. Luke has a passion for human connection and emotional and spiritual well-being. Luke has strong skills in interpersonal communication, relationship development and the eclectic mix of practical tools and theories that form the foundation of social work practice.