This group is open to all families, friends and carers who are supporting anyone navigating their cancer journey. It aims to be a confidential and safe place whereby you can be heard and understood by empathetic people, without being judged. Hopefully sharing your experience with others going through a similar journey will result in developing some new friendships that will allow you to cope better with the challenges you face.

Being a carer can often involve a variety of tasks requiring new skills, knowledge and accessing resources. As such the group aims to focus on informing you of:

  • Cancer Management Practices to assist those in need
  • Communication with Health Practitioners and your Care Team
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Medication
  • Pain management
  • Finances
  • Caring for Yourself concepts
  • Dealing with a myriad feelings such as uncertainty, fear, anxiety, isolation, anger, guilt, grief and depression
  • Self-care and obtaining support from others
  • Time and Stress Management
  • Impact on your Relationships, partner, family and friends
  • How to react when support is not wanted

When: First and Third Tuesday of the Month, 6:30 – 8:00pm
Group Facilitator: Calandra