Facilitator: John Kirkman
When: 21st July 2018
Time: Time organised once booked
Cost: Members and Non Members $30
Bookings Essential

Call (08) 8272 2411 to book your place or for further details.


Acupuncture / Chinese Medicine:

There are 4 aspects of a body that need to be functioning well in order to be healthy. They are:

  1. Qi (Oxygen) delivery to the tissues
  2. The Vascular system
  3. Organ System
  4. Nervous system

If there is any obstruction in the blood flow to a particular area of the body, that area will be negatively affected, resulting in disease or malfunction. Any area of the body that is damaged due to trauma or internal disorder will have difficulty recovering if there is a reduction in blood flow to that area.

How Acupuncture Works:

When vascular function decreases (as we age) the body loses its ability to heal itself because all the healing agents that are found in the blood are unable to circulate well.

Acupuncture helps increase your vascular functioning. By increasing blood flow to the affected areas patients can have major painful symptoms reduced or disappear.

See the link for a short film of Acupuncture being used to assist in cancer patients alongside conventional medicine in the US: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sy7Xd0InpWY&feature=youtu.be