The varieties of therapies offered helped me to take the risk of trying them. All of them were useful and well presented.
— Dorothy Williams

I enjoy the counselling, meditation, acupuncture, art therapy, the library resources and Journey to Wellness and Hero’s Journey very helpful.
— Bea Dickson

I think the Cancer Care Centre is a wonderful place to obtain information and meet people with similar concerns and interest. The courses given are well structured and are a great opportunity to meet others who are in a similar situation. Meeting others also helps to have a more positive outlook in meeting future challenges.
— Vince De Robertis

Anyone who has cancer or is a support person for a cancer sufferer can benefit by availing themselves of the services supplied by the Cancer Care Centre.
— Philip Lock

I joined the CCC six years ago. I attend the support group which is amazing. Sharing, caring and understanding each other’s journeys. I book a monthly massage. Time out is sooo important. I have used the library and marvel at the resources available. The cooking class has given me regular meals that I continue to make most weeks. And the Art Therapy and Hero’s Journey classes have been fantastic. I am not arty and don’t consider myself to be a storyteller, but these classes bring out the best in everyone. I recommend the CCC to all who have been diagnosed, whether it was yesterday or ten years ago … and to the families and carers.
— Christine

The centre is lovely and welcoming.
— Julia