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Inspiring articles about individual cancer experiences, cancer therapy information, staff and volunteer profiles and other cancer related topics

Mushrooms – nature’s breast cancer fighterMushrooms – nature’s breast cancer fighter

Eating mushrooms could be the most practical advice for young women looking to dramatically reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Minimising side effects of cancer treatment with natural medicine supportMinimising side effects of cancer treatment with natural medicine support

Using natural medicine can support the person under medical treatment to better tolerate treatment by minimising side effects and long term toxicities.

New report on cancer statisticsNew report on cancer statistics

The Australian Institute of Health & Welfare has found that fewer Australians are dying of cancer, but the number of people diagnosed with the disease is climbing every year.

Donna’s inspiring giftDonna’s inspiring gift

When cancer returned to Donna Mann’s life, she decided she would not wait for the loss of hair that comes with Chemotherapy – she decided to shave it and husband Andrew has joined in!

The detour: My journey with breast cancerThe detour: My journey with breast cancer

One woman's personal account

My final chemotherapy treatment in November 2005 was a breeze. The brew of chemicals slowly flowed into my body as it had done for the previous 15 treatments. As the last ounce disappeared from the bag, I sighed with relief. The nurse gave me a hug and exclaimed, “It’s over!”  I left the treatment roomContinue Reading