My value proposition experience with the Cancer Care Centre

in 2003 following my diagnosis with Kidney cancer, my life was in turmoil and I felt let down by my GP who described himself to me as a “pragmatist”. (He was once a hopeful complementary medicine supporter but was worn down over time from the overwhelming statistics of the typical cancer journey). He was unable to add any support other than a traditional medical model, which in my case was surgery only. No chemo or radiation therapy would work. I was devastated.

On a routine visit to my wife’s doctor, I came across a Cancer Care Centre brochure, which led me to visit the Centre and changed my life.

Initially, I was led to a place of hope when I was hopeless.
I met a counsellor who gave me guidance when I was stranded.
She recommended Ian Gawler’s book, which gave me my first inspiration.
The library had other inspirational stories and healing techniques when I was hungry for knowledge.
The Living with Cancer course gave me and my wife knowledge, so diminishing our fears.
The by-product of the Course was the friends I made who understood what I was going through.
My new friends kept in contact with me and we shared our cancer journeys together.
My friends started a Men’s Group and I found another place of support.
I took meditation classes elsewhere after learning of the benefits from the CCC.
Meditation was the one practice that I could feel the immediate benefits.
I attended an afternoon Cancer Care Centre presentation with Ian Gawler, a living miracle.
I found a new GP who was open to a wider view of medicine (he even had patients around to his home to practise Reiki).

Eventually I stopped going to the Centre as my health improved, allowing me to regain my place in the land of the living. After all, I am now surviving!
I did this with new tools and new insight found at the Centre; the wisdom and practices of Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle and other spiritualists.
I made changes; I worked one day less a week, stepped down from numerous boards and committees, appointed a general manager at my company and improved my fitness.

I witnessed many of my Cancer Care Centre friends pass away, and the dignity and peace they left with was inspirational. I can only hope that when my time comes I too can pass with their grace.

All of this came from a small membership fee, a few gold coins at a support group meeting and a couple of hundred dollars for a 12 week course.

If that isn’t value, what is!

(A true story from a client who wishes to remain anonymous)