The following testimonials have been provided by clients of our services …


The varieties of therapies offered helped me to take the risk of trying them. All of them were useful and well presented. -- Dorothy Williams, 20-6-18
I enjoy the counselling, meditation, acupuncture, art therapy, the library resources and Journey to Wellness and Hero’s Journey very helpful. -- Bea Dickson, 20-6-18
I think the Cancer Care Centre is a wonderful place to obtain information and meet people with similar concerns and interest. The courses given are well structured and are a great opportunity to meet others who are in a similar situation. Meeting others also helps to have a more positive outlook in meeting future challenges. -- Vince De Robertis, 20-6-18
Anyone who has cancer or is a support person for a cancer sufferer can benefit by availing themselves of the services supplied by the Cancer Care Centre. -- Philip Lock, 22-6-2018
I joined the CCC six years ago. I attend the support group which is amazing. Sharing, caring and understanding each other’s journeys. I book a monthly massage. Time out is sooo important. I have used the library and marvel at the resources available. The cooking class has given me regular meals that I continue to make most weeks. And the Art Therapy and Hero’s Journey classes have been fantastic. I am not arty and don’t consider myself to be a storyteller, but these classes bring out the best in everyone. I recommend the CCC to all who have been diagnosed, whether it was yesterday or ten years ago ... and to the families and carers. -- Christine, 8-5-18
The centre is lovely and welcoming. -- Julia, 3-5-18


I have been finding my counselling sessions over the past year to be extremely helpful. It has allowed me to gradually gain awareness of my very troubled and hurting child between ages 6-12 years. I have been counselled on how to use meditation to support my child self and have felt the benefits of this. I have felt love and forgiveness. I know there is more to heal and I will be continuing working with Dagmar. I have also recommended her to others. I am very grateful to the Centre for helping this to be possible. I don’t think I would have sought out a counsellor independently. -- Lou, 26 April 2018

Support Group

I appreciate our support group as we can help, support and talk about our cancers and treatments as we have had experiences which you cannot discuss with friends, family etc. who have not been through those very personal experiences. -- Terri Byerly, 19-6-2018


Exercise Your Lymphatics

The Exercise Your Lymphatics class has been very informative and interesting. Richard has been very informative and interesting. Richard has been generous with time and considerate of each persons’ wishes. -- Anonymous, 14-7-2018
Richard was very helpful and answered all questions. Has a lot of patience and listened to us all. Well worth attending. -- Jill Critchley, 14-7-2018
The Exercise Your Lymphatics session with Richard Roope was extremely valuable. Richard paced his information so that the group felt very comfortable to ask questions and discuss issues. Highly recommended. -- Anonymous, 14-7-2018

Seeds For Health

A wonderful course and experience for helping us deal with self-help for our health. Given a great confidence boost and empowering at a frightening time when I feel so vulnerable. Diane is marvellous and her volunteer helpers are the soul of kindness. Have learnt such a lot about organic vegetables. -- Lorraine, May 2018


I very much enjoyed my sessions with Donna Meyer. She is a very gentle, caring and compassionate instructor who only had my best interests and physical capabilities in mind at all times. I found myself completely captivated by her and she has triggered a desire to further participate in this field, having never done any yoga beforehand. Many thanks Donna. -- Lynda, May 2018
Brilliant, an oasis in my week - no matter how stressed I am feeling, I come out feeling grounded and in a blissful state!! Tina is very mindful and sensitive of the needs of her participants. Love her sharing the wealth of knowledge about yoga principles. Thank you and bless you Tina for your generosity of spirit and beautiful energy. -- Melissa, 2 May 2018

Hero's Journey

I can’t express what a wonderful positive experience the Hero’s Journey has been. Incredibly reflective, puts the journey into perspective and let me understand the experiences I’d had. I would thoroughly recommend this course as part of the healing journey. The opportunity to creatively express myself in words and pictures brought forward a beautiful, poignant story from within. Thank you so much Rebekah and the CCC. -- Stephanie, May, 2018


EXCELLENT -- James Powell, 14-7-2018
At the beginning the massage helped me to keep going. It didn’t matter how ill I was feeling, the therapist was matter-of-fact and responsive to my needs. It was good to know that bodies like mine and a bald head didn’t bother her! The massages were great too. -- Dorothy Williams, 20-6-2018
I find the CCC and its staff very nurturing. I wouldn’t be here if not for Sarah as she urged me to see a Doctor when I showed her my lump. -- Sandra Adam, 19-6-2018
I have had lymphatic drainage massage since I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015. I am thankful for the professionalism, care and treatment I receive each session. Thankyou to all the volunteers who offer their time. -- Liz, 26-4-2018
Judy is my favourite masseuse! -- Judith, 24-4-2018
Wonderfully relaxing, gently, caring and thoughtful. I am walking much better too (arthritic feet!) -- Caroline, 23-4-2018

Journey to Wellness

I found the Journey to Wellness interesting and useful as I look to my future. I thought that meeting with a group of others helped me to see that there are lots of ways of living from here and that I can live my future in many different ways. It may be coincidence, but during the weeks I attended the course I found something that interests me right now and I’ll be able to do what I love and give back at the same time. Right now I feel really blessed. -- Dorothy Williams. 20-6-2018
I would thoroughly recommend the Journey to Wellness course. It was so positive, friendly, warm, caring and most of all informative. -- Sandra Adam, 19-6-2018
Everyone should do this course. It is presented by very knowledgeable and caring people and covers so many useful topics. The sessions are held in a relaxed small group, with time for questions. The presenters offer their knowledge in a very balanced manner, with information sheets provided that assist in retention and reflection. Being in a group of other cancer patients and survivors, opportunities to talk about experiences and being given balanced opinions was excellent. Highly recommended. Don’t miss this opportunity. -- Dawn Kiroff, 30-6-2018
As stated previously, speaking to others in a similar situation to my own made me feel supported and understood. -- Maria De Robertis, 21-6-2018
It was an interesting and informative course. It was also good to meet people of different cancer backgrounds, thank you for the opportunity to attend. -- Anon: May/June 2018
We learnt so much from Paul Kern on our bodies, nutrition etc., also exercises to help our minds and bodies cope from Sarah and Dagmar. I did find the first few sessions ones that as a cancer survivor only rehashed everything that we had/has to face throughout the course of the chemo and Oncology rad treatment before my operation within one and a half years of recovery and everything you have to survive. -- Anon: May/June 2018
I always feel happier and more positive after being at the Unley C.C.C. – so nurturing. -- Sandra Adam: May/June 2018
Very balanced sessions/presenters not pushy in their approaches – just offering knowledge and very balance sessions. Maybe another half day on Exercise: What is Yoga and Tai Chi, what is Lymphatic breathing? Include a focus on exercise for those with joint and back pain. Three full Sundays in a row was a bit taxing. The first full day was a good solid start, so leave that (the topics reinforced each other very well). But break the second Sunday into 2 half Sundays. These 2 topics were packed very full of info and so it was hard to retain and be reflective of what was presented. -- Dawn Kiroff: May/June 2018
You hardly ever hear about this type of info from your regular health professional. I came away with a much broader outlook to maintain wellness. I really appreciate the Centre running this course over 3 Sundays. As a worker I would have found it difficult to do during 6 weekdays – half days. I understand that some may have felt fatigued toward the end of the days. -- Anon: May/June 2018
It was very theoretical and I would have liked some activity. This would have made me feel more engaged. Meditation and nutrition sessions were informative. -- Anon: May/June 2018
It was good having the course on Sunday. It meant I could attend. The full day format was long days – hard to concentrate. Information was right on target for me. I learnt a lot from fellow participants and met someone with my particular cancer. -- Anon: May/June 2018
I enjoyed the opportunity to talk to other participants about their cancer journey and exchange information and experiences. I would have liked the session to include other complementary therapies within Australia and overseas. -- Anon: May/June 2018
I would have preferred more information on the nutrition side. Foods to eat and to avoid. Overall the 3 days were very good and informative. -- Anon: May/June 2018
I really enjoyed the practical breathing exercises. Would also like more content on recipes for healthy diets. -- Dorothy: May/June 2018
The Centre is lovely and welcoming. -- Julia Clancy: May/June 2018


Vision Web

Vision Web was an excellent workshop, and the Cancer Care Centre absolutely embodies the caring supportive environment that the workshop facilitators also provided. -- Julie, April 2018

Gut Health

Presenter was good but fast. Was more interested in facts. I wanted more detail of why; other things/simple ways to improve Gut health. What else can people do? -- Vicki, 9/11/2018
I enjoyed session overall. Chris was very knowledgeable and full of passion about good gut health. She was well prepared for the session and this enabled everyone in the big group to take home a jar of prepared vegies to ferment. My suggestion is that the information being new and quite detailed, it maybe better to divide the information into 2 workshops - 1: Concentrate on vegetable fermentation and 2: Keffir information. Thanks for a good workshop. -- Truffy, 9/11/2018


A brilliant and entertaining few hours. Invaluable information on vegies and their uses not to mention the wonderfully lovely and tasty recipes. Thank you for running this course. -- Annette, 26 April 2018
There were some delicious foods which I will prepare at home. My confidence has increased. Thank you. -- Denise, 26 April 2018
Thank you, Natalie, for a well presented informative class. Great recipes - very tasty and easy to prepare. -- Sue, 26 April 2018
INSPIRATIONAL. Fantastic! Brilliant presenter!! Would be wonderful to have Natalie here on a more regular basis. Learnt so much and the food was delicious. Extremely informative ... and beautifully presented, lovely style and high degree of competence and knowledge. Thank you. -- Marisa, 26 April 2018
Very nice recipes, NOT TOO HARD TO DO, TASTY. Would like to see 2 breakfast recipes. -- Nada, 26 April 2018
Very good indeed! -- Neil, 26 April 2018
Natalie is a great cook and presenter. Demonstrates that vegies with herbs and spices can be delicious. Very informative, recipes are easy to follow and tastings ensured that I will try the recipes at home. Fantastic - very glad that I came. Would highly recommend the course to anyone and would like to see her at the Centre more often. Thank you. -- Lyn, 26 April 2018
Interesting-informative-entertaining-enjoyable-encouraging - a very worthwhile session. I am encouraged to put more energy into my cooking with the lovely recipes Natalie has given us. I will be interested in further cooking sessions. -- Colleen, 26 April 2018
Have just experienced an uplifting course on preparing vegetarian dishes. Natalie, the presenter, was warm, welcoming and a very experienced chef who prepared beautifully 6 delightful meals; I am inspired to eat a healthier and healing meal and to try harder to care for myself. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I had been low after the CA had recurred and it has given me a lift. -- Lorraine, 26 April 2018
Natalie is great and food is beautiful!! Looking forward to trying the recipes. Love to do more!! -- Kevin and Sue, 26 April 2018
Natalie was fantastic, food was delicious. Good range of dishes, very inspiring and informative. -- Valerie, 26 April 2018
Wonderful food from an entertaining and knowledgeable presenter. Very organised, good support materials. Action packed 3 hours!! -- Tania, 26 April 2018