The Cancer Care Centre has lived up to its name – caring for cancer patients and their families; and I have no hesitation in recommending it as a first place to visit if a diagnosis of cancer has been given or even entertained by a treating doctor.
— Dr Alistair Robertson MBBS d(OBST) RCOG DCH FRACP

The Cancer Care Centre is a wonderful resource for people learning to live with cancer. It provides a supportive environment with both people who have recovered and other patients who have learnt to live with cancer. It provides a unique and low cost environment which is health focused and has been instrumental in the recovery of many of my patients in the past.
— Dr Sinclair Bode MBBS 

It has always been our experience that the programs run by Cancer Care Centre were informative and highly relevant to its clients’ needs. Cancer Care Centre has been a valuable resource for South Australians with cancer.
— Professor Alfred Poulos PHD LLB GDLP and Jan Poulos MCSP MAPA DipPS CFP

My connection with the Centre goes back to 1996 when, in my early 40’s I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I found the Centre to be an inspirational place to be. As a person with cancer, I frequently found myself to be a sick body in a medical setting. By contrast, at the Cancer Care Centre I felt that I was a whole person in a settting full of encouragement, hope and inspiration.
— Louise 

I believe that the Cancer Care Centre in Unley is one of the few cancer support centres that fills the gap of the major, and heavily funded health centres. It looks not only to support the physical aspect of health but also the mental and spiritual. My cancer journey will always continue and I feel that the Cancer Care Centre still plays a vital part for my support and wellbeing.
— Adam 

Medical diagnosis 19th December 2009. You have a condition known as mantle cell lymphoma (one of the non Hodgkin’s lymphoma’s). It is rare, (about 5 -7% of the lymphoma’s), very advanced at stage 4 and is spread through your bone marrow and lymphatic system including tumours  in your spleen, arm pits and neck. This disease behaves more aggressively than other cancers and it is a malignancy. The median survival rate is 15 months but your diagnosis has taken a long time so your condition is very advanced. There is no recorded cure.
So I went to the Cancer Care Centre. My introduction was met with, “Hello, I am …(Client Service volunteer’s name),  what is your name and why are you here?” I responded I’m Ray and I have cancer.” To which the response was, “Well so do I. Come here and I will give you a big hug”. Such was my introduction to the safe haven of Cancer Care Centre, a step that led me to new ideas and lifestyle changes.
— Ray

One cannot but be impressed by the contribution made by the Cancer Care Centre to the wider community. Feedback I received from clients of the Centre, their carers and friends, indicate the Centre makes a valuable contribution to the well-being of people afflicted by cancer, as well as providing a supportive environment for their carers.
— Ron (former City Manager, City of Unley)

The Cancer Care Centre provides a variety of complementary therapy programs and services for many people affected by cancer, and has done this over a long period of time. Many cancer patients seek complimentary therapies for support and services that are not available or not suiting all their needs through mainstream cancer services. It is important that safe, qualified affordable services are readily available. I endorse the Cancer Care Centre’s description of how it operates. “The Centre’s aim is to provide an environment that empowers individuals to complement their medical treatments by integrating self-help strategies and evidenced-based complementary therapies.
— Julie (Member Executive Team, Cancer Voices SA and Consumer Rep. member of SA Health Cancer Clinical Network – Complementary Therapies Working Group)

I have been involved with Cancer Care Centre since 1984 as a complimentary therapist. I found the centre after the diagnosis of my Mother’s ovarian cancer when I was looking for sources of support and information. With the help and advice the Centre gave me, I gained the confidence to use my skills to aid my Mum’s recovery. The first thing that struck me about the Cancer Care Centre was the atmosphere of positivity and hope, after weeks of hospital appointments and stays laced with “doom and gloom” and this was uplifting and refreshing to say the least. Cancer Care Centre gives options and strategies to help regain that sense of control and with it empowerment.
— Sarah

I was on something of a roller coaster regarding a diagnosis with cancer. I am so very grateful to the Cancer Care Centre and its men’s group. I’m so glad I didn’t have to go it alone.
— Waldo

I am aged 66 and a prostate cancer survivor. My association with the Cancer Care Centre has been two very rewarding years. There was no other Support Group that I could findto help me or give me answers to what was happening in my life. The Men’s Group changed all that. I will be forever thankful for the assistance.
— Ron

In 1994 I was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer, and it was thought that my best chance of survival was to be part of a clinical trial involving High Dose Chemotherapy and Stem cell transplant. The Journey back to health was aided, I believe, immeasurably, by the help and support I received from the Cancer Care Centre.
— Bev

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2005. At that time, I was 32 years of age and it was the last thing I was expecting, considering myself healthy and fit. My life changed dramatically. I joined Cancer Care Centre. I found the female volunteer who greeted me on arrival so welcoming and compassionate as she went through a range of services they offered. Attending Cancer Care centre was fantastic, I have always been guaranteed a sympathetic ear and get just what I am looking for at the time in the way of resources and support.
— Antionette

I chose to volunteer at the Cancer Care Centre 5 years ago for a few reasons. I liked the Centre’s holistic philosophy to cancer, I liked the notion that people who were having medical treatment for cancer could also be helped with emotional and social issues, and I liked the welcoming and caring ambience of the Centre.
— Ken, Registered Psychologist