Cancer Care Centre is a community based organisation providing complementary care services in the support of people affected by cancer. In a warm, friendly and non-clinical environment, the client receives the ongoing attention of our experienced client service volunteers. The Centre is based on the edge of Adelaide city, in the leafy suburb of Frewville, having relocated at the end of 2020 from nearby Unley.

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Cancer Care Centre was established in March 1985 by cancer patients, family members, carers and others (an oncologist, GP and two psychologists). The Centre operated out of the Westbourne Park Uniting Church in Adelaide. Counselling, support groups and therapies (massage, reflexology) were offered along with the ‘Coping with Cancer’ course.

In earlier times of the Centre, growth was funded by membership fees and payment for services. Overheads were minimal in that it was more or less run along the lines of a large support group with the only expenses being for rental of the Church hall and stationery. However, as the Centre grew, the church hall became too small, and a move was inevitable.

In the late 1980s, the Centre moved to its location in Unley (a cottage rented from the City of Unley). A library was started with donated books and has grown into the largest library of its type (i.e. run by a not-for-profit community-based organisation) in South Australia dedicated to cancer and well-being. A Board of Management was formed and a Manager appointed. While there were financial constraints, the Centre grew quickly, catering for a growing demand for ongoing care and support of cancer patients, their families and carers. At the end of 2020, the Council asked the Centre to vacate the Unley location due to some planned redevelopment work. A suitable new home for the Centre was found at Frewville, nearby, and we commenced operations there at the start of 2021.

The Centre gained Deductible Gift Recipient status from the Australian Taxation Office in 2010 and it is GST registered.

The Centre has supported itself financially by way of:

  • membership fees
  • project grants
  • general donations, in memorium donations
  • service fees (for courses, workshops, therapies, support groups, counselling, seminars)
  • fundraising activities.

In addition, a small house was bequeathed to the Centre around 20 years ago and this was subsequently sold with the proceeds supporting the Centre for a number of years.