A two-week low-impact course especially designed by SA Dance Therapy for those undergoing or recovering from cancer treatment.

At SA Dance Therapy they have seen firsthand the benefits, both emotional and physical, of continued activity and participation in a social form of exercise such as dancing.

Of the many forms of activity and exercise that could be recommended, they genuinely believe from experience that ballroom dancing is perfectly suited to provide a low impact, social form of activity that would prove beneficial to people with a range of conditions. It helps to …

  • Reduce stress and depression
  • Increase energy
  • Increase serotonin levels
  • Strengthen bones
  • Increase cardiovascular health
  • Improve flexibility, muscle tone, balance and posture

Your first lesson? The feelings and emotions associated with dancing are difficult to put into words. So, before you decide if dancing is something you might like to learn, they encourage you to come in for a free trial lesson. You’ll get to learn a few steps, check out the studio and you’ll have a better understanding of why so many people around the world love to dance.

No partner? No problem. Most of our students learn by themselves, so there’s no shortage of partners and instructors to dance with.

Facilitator: Chris Coleman
Date: Friday 7th & 14th April
Week 1 – one on one Training (20 mins each) 12pm to 1pm
Week 2 – Group Class 1pm to 2.30pm
Cost: Members $25 per week; Non-members $35 per week

Please Register your interest by contacting the Centre on 8272 2411.