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Next Movie fundraiser for Cancer Care Centre

details for the next movie will be available soon.

How can talking to a counsellor help?

Being diagnosed with cancer can send you into a tailspin, as your life suddenly goes out of control and you are faced with making rapid decisions about treatment choices and procedures you previously may not have even know existed.

Emu oil and protection of the intestine against inflammation

Inflammation of the intestine is a feature of many serious bowel disorders. These disorders can range from relatively mild conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome through to the so far incurable inflammatory bowel diseases, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

Boosting Winter Immunity

Winter is traditionally the ”inner” season. We get rugged up, gravitate to warmth and tend to hibernate in the cold and wet or blustery conditions outside. But winter also has its pluses – those gloriously crisp sunny winter days and for us in South Oz, beautiful verdant growth abounds.

Aromatherapy – Back to the Future?

As with many traditional medicines the use of essential oils had fallen by the wayside, while medicine pursued the exciting new promise of pharmaceutical drugs. Despite the fact that many of these drugs are plant based essential oils were put in the “warm fuzzy but ineffectual” basket.

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