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Weekly, Thursday afternoons

Counsellor: Lynne When: Weekly, Thursday afternoons Cost: Members $40 ; Non-Members $85

Meditation One on OneMeditation One on One

One on One Meditation Facilitator: Lynne Weekly, Thursday afternoon Members $20 Non-Members $30

Massage – Oncology, Remedial, ReikiMassage – Oncology, Remedial, Reiki

Fortnightly, Thursday afternoons

Therapist: Anne-Marie When: Fortnightly, Thursday afternoons Cost: Members $40 ; Non-Members $85

Massage – Oncology, Remedial, Lymphoedema TherapyMassage – Oncology, Remedial, Lymphoedema Therapy

Fortnightly, Thursday afternoons

Therapist: Erin When: Fortnightly, Thursday afternoons Cost: Members $40 ; Non-Members $85

Women’s Support GroupWomen’s Support Group

1st & 3rd Thursday morning of each month

We are a friendly group who get together fortnightly to discuss topics such as family, medical issues, feelings and emotions in an informal confidential environment.